Magnetism and Energy Care Pack

Magnetism and Energy Care Pack

Pack including magnetism care and energy care:

Magnetic energy or magnetism is used to rebalance the disorderly organism, it helps body, soul and spirit to rebalance. It aims to better manage disturbances such as stress and anxiety, to relieve skin problems or soothe pain.

Energy care helps cleanse different energy bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) by a deep rebalancing of the Chakras. Releasing our blockages in life and our physical and psychological tensions, which often prevent us from moving forward in life.

Energy healing is not a substitute to conventional medicine. However, it can be done in parallel with medical treatment, which can help relieve side effects, or better live with heavy treatment. We must not, under any circumstances, stop processing current medical .

After validation of the order, thank you to send me by sms (+33 666 426 695) your first name, your date of birth as well as a photo of you, alone, at the present moment.


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