Release of person

Clearing bad energy (entities) is an act of pushing away all negative energies that act on a person or place. This action can be performed remotely!


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Clearing bad energy (entities) is an act of pushing away all negative energies that overwhelm a person or place.

The side effects of a release

Once again, you are unique and the bad energies (entities) too, therefore starting from this extraordinary composition, the expression on your being of a release will vary from one person to another. In great courage that it is not, it will want to save “its skin”. But she can also seek confrontation if she feels in danger. That is to say that as soon as you decide to make a release, it will increase its hold on you. I even find them at home. Do not panic, if you are methodical and conscientious, the release happens for the best and as soon as possible. It is very important not to give him additional opportunities to renew himself.

For side effects, here is what I have seen with my clients in the days following release. Again, this is not exhaustive:

  • Disappearance of chronic pain, headaches
  • Behavioral calming
  • Disappearance of night terrors, even in adults
  • Major cleaning and/or new interior decoration
  • Unblocking of conflicting situation
  • Fatigue due to nervous relaxation
  • Return of old acquaintances
  • Friendship or love breakup
  • Feeling of emptiness inside
  • Improved financial situation
  • ...