Your encrypted bank details

We pay special attention to the security issues of Internet payments!

Thus, when you pay by credit card, your bank details are encrypted before being transmitted to our financial partner, PayPal . By using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, no payment data concerning you is stored on the site, eliminating any possibility of fraud by hacking the site.

In addition, your number of credit card is never communicated to us, only the validation of your payment is transmitted to us.

In order to offer a maximum of choice to our customers, we accept many means of payment :

  • Bank card* : Debit card, Visa card, MasterCard card.
  • PayPal* : Paypal account.
  • Bank transfer** : Available on demand.

*As soon as the payment is validated, your order is prepared and shipped.
**Depending on the bank, several days may elapse between your transfer order and receipt in our bank account. As your order is not prepared and shipped until receipt of payment, the delivery time is extended even further, if no payment is made within 15 days the order will be automatically canceled.